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As part of developing a plan for the client experience, you must ensure that your agents have the proper training, coaching, and support. Call monitoring is one of the greatest methods to ensure agents are functioning as intended.

Call monitoring is the technique of listening to calls to enhance customer service. Contact center supervisors or managers often listen to live or recorded calls to evaluate customer service quality. In addition, it assists managers in identifying agents’ training requirements.

Mobile call monitoring is one of the most helpful ways to guarantee that your call center staff is efficient, compliant, and giving outstanding customer service.

Frequently featured in cloud-based solutions, a call monitoring system enables you to enhance and expedite call monitoring through potent tools. Flexible call monitoring software lets you do more than listen to calls.

Compliance with effective call monitoring regulations is essential for many financial services firms. As regulators become more dissatisfied with the present voice call recording and monitoring methods of many financial organizations, failing to set them as the foundation of your regulatory compliance plan might subject your company to enforcement measures.

The Financial Conduct Authority is one of the agencies that require British businesses to monitor employee phone conversations. The FCA requires financial institutions to implement internal controls to ensure that all clients are treated fairly in accordance with their standards. This involves implementing a call monitoring tool that enables the compliance officer to determine whether advisers exhibit compliant conduct while conversing with consumers via mobile phones.

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II is another law that mandates European financial institutions to maintain a strong call monitoring plan. This financial framework mandates recording telephone conversations and electronic communications, including cell calls, text messages, and even WhatsApp chats.

Read the infographic below from TeleMessage to learn more about the call monitoring program as essential for effective compliance.


By Robson