Instant messaging (IM) platforms are text-based communication software where two or more individuals can participate in a single conversation.  

IMs are the opposite of other chatrooms where users overlap in multiple conversations. Hence, many firms in the industry are utilizing this platform as it provides numerous benefits, such as: 

Easy and Real-Time Communication 

IMs are one of the technological developments made in today’s generation. It has opened digital communication that made it easy for two people who are away from each other. Thus, working from home is no longer a problem, which has been tested and proven in the pandemic 2020 era until today. 

Colleagues in different states or countries can stay in contact despite their distance.  


Another benefit that instant messaging for business can bring is its accessibility. IMs are convenient for anyone who lives anywhere as long as they have a sturdy Internet connection and a computer or mobile device. 

Accessibility has made it lenient for companies to continue work operations even when they are at home. It is a beneficial factor, considering it guarantees companies are flexible with operating and finding solutions to complexities. Hence, many firms prefer IMs because it boosts company productivity.  

Saves Money and Space 

For companies that can operate online, IMs are an efficient tool for saving money and space in the office. It is a mutual benefit to both employer and employee: Employers can save money and space for their growing company, and employees can have fewer expenses with gas, lunch, and snack money. 

Furthermore, firms can implement a hybrid setup for their work operations.  

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By Robson