When you look for a welding machine you mostly look for welding machines that work on metal surfaces be that aluminium surface or steel or stainless or iron surfaces. But have you ever thought have the glasses joined together in many satues and buildings and decorations of home as such? Well the answer to this question is also welding machine but rather of a different kind that is argon welding machine ( ตู้ เชื่อม อาร์กอน, which is the term in Thai). Argon welding machines use argon to generate the heat in the first place and then only they melt the glass at the point of contact and then join two pieces together. Thus if you are going to buy a welding machine to weld glass together then first you need to know all about argon weldong machines.

How can you weld glasses with welding machine?

As you have already been aware that welding glasses (แว่นตา เชื่อม , which is the term in Thai) is not as easy as welding metal parts and you need argon based welding machines in order to weld glasses, it is time that you understand what make up the good quality welding machines in the first place. A good quality welding machine must be light weight and easy to handle. It should also be energy efficient yet highly efficient in welding as such. And it should also be able to withstand the voltage fluctuations that may arise. So if you are in search of a good quality argon welding machine in Thailand then without looking any further get in touch with the falcon welding Company.

Visit the website of Falcon welding machine and choose the best one

Falcon welding Company has launched its new range if welding machines with inverter technology and also with the stainless body as well. Because of these two features the efficiency and durability of the product have increased from its predecessors. So if you are in Thailand and wants to get the best quality argon welding machine then do pay a visit to the official website if Falcon welding machine Company.

By Robson