In 1967, Mich è Le Mercier told reporters of the “Paris match” that there would be more ang é liques after the match. She said that at the end of this oriental legend, the heroine will be arrested by desgretz, the king’s favorite policeman. Poor Geoffrey has no choice but to sail away… Click here to watch free Sultan full movie online, and you can also Watch Fiction Movies Online Free.

But this is not the case. Bernard Borderie filmed the last two episodes (“indomptable ang é Lique” and “an é like et le Sultan” are actually adapted from the same book, the book is named the former “) together, and then divided the video into two parts, Making the first film a trailer for “ang é Lique et le sult” is not a good film, however. It is far from the wonderful description of goron, and this film often becomes absurd. As an educated eunuch, Jean Claude Pascal of France will certainly only cause a burst of laughter. The dialogue is as follows: on the night of death, angelik said to the Sudan: “But you don’t want to rape me here, do you?”? “

This is the end of the angelic movie legend, and there are 13 books in total. No actress tried to play the part. In the 1990s, they often talked about TV series. Then, in the mid-1990s, Robert Hussein put his first book on the stage, playing his previous role in Perak. But Angelique’s fans are still waiting for a powerful adaptation of Anne et serge golon’s masterpiece, which is undoubtedly the best historical adventure since Alexandre Dumas. In France, their names are slowly disappearing, but in Canada, they have retained a group of followers. They have more power.

By Robson

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