You would better to take protective measures when you bought a new mobile phone. We can take the mobile phone screen protector and the mobile phone case for example. Most people would like to take some protective measures when they got a new mobile phone. After all, it was bought with money. Of course, it should be well protected. Then we have to talk about these protective products.

There are many kinds of mobile phone protectors in the market. For example, ordinary transparent plastic soft protector. And we can find high-definition plastic protector, toughened protector, blue light protector on the market. Let’s first introduce these popular ones on the market.

Plastic soft phone proctor is the cheapest and cheapest one. This kind of proctor plays a role in preventing scratches. Protectors with poor quality are easy to leave fingerprints. In general, it is suitable for transitional use. And there is no explosion-proof function, and any slightly pointed thing may scratch the screen.

The second is high-definition plastic proctor, which has more high-definition functions than plastic soft protector. According to the function, we can see the screen  more clearly than the plastic soft film. But it is suitable for transition.

Tempered protector is an ideal one. The full name of tempered protector is tempered glass phone protector. This kind of protector has good wear resistance. Neither the key nor the stylus can leave scratches on it. Moreover. The overall quality is very hard, Vickers hardness can reach 622-701. Tempered glass protector is a kind of pre-stressed glass. It forms compressive stress on the glass surface by physical or chemical methods. When the glass bears external force, it first offsets the surface stress. And then improve the bearing capacity and enhance the wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, etc. of the protector. The tempered glass one protects the mobile phone screen with a higher security level.

The full name of the blue light protector is the anti-blue light mobile phone film. It is a kind of vision protection film developed for blue light radiation. The blue light mobile phone membrane adopts blue light blocking technology to absorb and convert blue light. So it can realize effective blocking of blue light. The protector can effectively block ultraviolet rays, short-wave blue rays and soft dazzling light source stimulation. AF coating is attached to its surface, which perfectly combines the hand feeling and hardness of the mobile phone protector.

Then we will talk about the mobile phone case. The mobile phone case can well protect the back cover and frame capability of the mobile phone. There are many mobile phone cases on the market, such as silicone soft cases, plastic hard cases and glass back covers. Silica gel soft shell has better anti-falling performance. Even if the soft shell is used for a long time, it is easy to yellow and is more troublesome to wash. The hardness of the whole glass back cover is better, which can protect the whole mobile phone, but the whole is biased. The plastic hard shell isl good, it can prevent falling and is light. The price of HONOR 20 case price is 9.99 £. It is worth buying.

In general, if you want to take good care of your new mobile phone, it is important to buy a suitable mobile phone proctor and case. After all, if there is a scratch or fall, it is quite annoying.

By Robson