You probably have heard the three names of wix vs weebly vs squarespace, even if you are not into website building. These three websites have been dominating the market and you may find these popping up on your TV- screen, on YouTube adverts and your social media feeds. Each of these has many great features to offer you and has successfully earned a place in the hall of fame of website builders. If you opt for wiz, it is considered the best all-rounder website builder that effectively combines ease of use with many creative controls. Also, it is a preferable one and ranks first in the top choice list.

All about Weebly

If you think of going for Weebly, know that it is one of the best choices when it comes to small businesses and portfolios. Also, Weebly has one of the best features to scale a website. With the cheapest starting plan, it does not feel like a burden when you start with your small business. Also, it is easy to use and you can get continuous help and support from customer care. In addition to that, the entire design is flexible, which makes you avoid any hassles while using it. Most importantly, the Weebly is value for money.

All about squarespace 

The squarespace provides one of the best quality features that you can expect from any website builder. You can get the best templates when it comes to the design of the website and can choose a design of your choice. Not only that, you can get one of the best templates in terms of flexibility as well. So, you are less likely to get disappointed if you opt for Squarespace. Also, out of these three website builders, squarespace is considered to be the trickiest to use. It takes a longer time to get used to it as compared to Weebly and Wix.

By Robson