It was recently announced that work from home is surely going to be the next big thing for the next few months. With the coronavirus entering its new wave, there is definitely going to be a spike in percentage of possibilities for the lockdowns to continue and also closure in many cities.

With people working from home for than half a year, work from home culture is going to stay here for a long time.  There are a lot of opportunities for people to work from home for the rest of their careers.

Netflix’s CEO feels that working from home does not have a lot of positives attached to it and it may not be a healthy solution in the long run.

Let us delve deeper and find out the future of work from home, remote working or hybrid working and how these are going to be managed in the future.

     A Hybrid working model means that employees would be asked to combine both work from home as well as working in the office. It provides both the employers and employees, the best of both worlds with regards to flexibility, sociability, structure and independence.

One can now get it here, especially the flexibility part.  The new projects that would be introduced, the training of the new employees, onboard programs for new entrants, kick off meetings are easier for the employees to understand better.  When there is complete remote operating by employees using video conferencing, the positives are not very high and hence a hybrid method of working may be an idea situation for both the employers and employees.

It is known for a fact that training of new people who are hired, kick off meetings, project review meetings and so on are a pleasure when handled face to face in person.  There are companies that appreciate and encourage full remote working and have been using video conferencing if at all the situation demanded.  Many of the companies have never given the choice to their employees to work completely from home. Yes, there have been days in a week, where the employees could request the company for a work from home pattern.  With grave days coming in, companies are now gearing themselves for a hybrid working model that suits not only the employers but the employees as well.  Looks like, this model is going to stay for quite some months till things really stabilize.  Many companies are now making serious changes to change the entire office set up to be in sync with the new system of working.

By Robson