Wedding photos are eternal memories. It is one of the parts of C that will be worth all the investment and dedication. Here are several styles of couple photographs that can be taken on the big day.

  1. Traditional

Seen at many weddings and present in most of the link’s albums, the traditional style of photographs has classic poses, where the photographer instructs the couple and gives several tips to make them look natural. Inevitably there will be a photo with these characteristics in your album, and that does not mean that it will be grimace! You can invest in a vintage look that will look amazing, and the truth is that it is essential to guarantee a traditional registration for posterity.

They are photos where you can see the whole look, photos where you appear giving a romantic kiss, and, usually, they are those that can go to a future family portrait. This group of images also includes photographs with family and friends, more posed, or during the party, when you make the toast, for example.

  1. Photojournalism

In this style, the photographer does not interfere with the images he produces. It is a more topnatural way of recording, where people are spontaneously captured as if it were a photo report. It is necessary to have experience with this style so that the photo does not become shaky or tumultuous with characters. It is often printed in black & white, which adds even more charm.

This style of photo, because it values ​​the spontaneity of the moment above all, doesn’t have to be the official style of day C photography, it can be present in the album as the B side of the wedding, where the most genuine expressions will appear, and then they will travel back in time, remembering each smile and each grimace captured by the photographer’s lens.

  1. Conceptual

These are photographs that depend on the photographer’s gaze and how he sees the world and people. Often called conceptual photos, as they combine the sensitivity of the professional who knows how to work different angles to capture scenes not always seen by everyone, such as a gentleman’s discreet dance at the party, a moment of intimacy between the couple from a different angle, or simply unexpected poses, with an artistic touch.

The photographer has a poetic license to play with the light, a strong ally of this style of photo, and often uses unexpected poses, which makes these photos so authoritative, with the professional’s signature and the charm of the protagonists: you!

By Robson