Web hosting is a critical yet confusing concept for new businesses looking to launch their websites. They need to finalize a hosting provider that understands their requirements and offers hosting services accordingly. These businesses often have budget constraints or are unwilling to commit large amounts for the hosting of the website and so look for affordable options. Although there is the option of free hosting, this comes with significant limitations and issues and a lot of technical hassles. The best option is the shared hosting plans in India.

Shared hosting plans are not only affordable but also offer resources that are adequate for new businesses. Web hosting services providers may also include free domain and email services in their shared hosting plans. Many of them also offer the option of scaling up the resources with the growth in business or website traffic. Read on to know more about how shared hosting works and why is it ideal for beginners.

Shared Hosting is Affordable!

This type of hosting involves the use of a single server to host several websites. The cost of these hosting plans is low since the resources of a single server are shared by multiple parties. It is the low cost of these hosting services that makes them popular among bloggers, small business owners and even start-ups. So, if you are planning to set up a website and have a limited budget, opt for shared hosting in India.

Features of Shared Hosting

To understand the benefits of shared hosting we need to know about its features.

  • Resources are Shared: Shared hosting has been designed to fulfil the web hosting needs of new websites whose resource requirements are quite low. They need a limited amount of storage and RAM since they are expecting limited visitors to begin with.
  • Cost of Operating the Server is Distributed: These plans are quite affordable and cheap compared to other options. The cost is low because the expense of managing the server is distributed among various customers.
  • Speed and Performance are Limited: Shared hosting plans offer limited speed and performance since all the resources are being shared by multiple clients.
  • Hosting Provider Maintains the Server: The updating and maintaining of the server are taken care of by the service provider, allowing the website owner to focus on other aspects of running the business.
  • Control Panels Are Provided to Customers: Hosting providers offer customers control panels to manage the website and DNS settings.

These features of shared hosting make it an ideal option for new businesses and website owners who do not have the technical knowledge or the time to manage the server and other technicalities of running a website. Shared hosting plans also include a WordPress website builder, speed boosting CDN, regular malware scans and SSL certificate protection. Businesses always have the option to upscale their hosting plans or shift to virtual and dedicated server hosting plans once their business grows.

By Robson