Everywhere, there is a huge problem of unemployment as said. But, actually, this is not the case every time and everywhere. The word unemployment has become more a myth factor than reality. If one looks around and sees, then there are thousands and lakhs of places where the works are pending due to non-availability of workers, employees, and laborers. Actually, people do not feel the urge to recognizing their abilities and limits and then apply accordingly to the respective job fields. It is not necessary that only the ones who have graduated from a well-recognized university or have a good degree can apply for jobs. This is not at all the scenario and that too in India, not at all.

There are so many different sectors and works that require human skills and ability much more than their knowledge. The most common ones, such as working as a salesperson or stepping into marketing, one more easy and good paid job are to get print job [รับพิมพ์งาน, which are the term in Thai] and handle print job services.

What print job actually is?

Whatever is seen in pages, magazines, books, novels, pamphlets or other brochures all these are available only after printing these in the required manner. Files or set of files are submitted to be printed. This again is not so easy as it seems to be. Every page will have different requirements, like adjusting the letter size, color imprint details, and so on. So someone is needed to do these print job done.

Services like a print job are provided by many companies that are in great height and great demand now. This is such a sector which would never get demolished until and unless the job quality is deteriorated. As the works are done by such a sector are accepted and required by all. Be it any business, schools, offices, or any other firm.

Handling these jobs are in great demand as can be seen that the whole society and world is dominated by advancements in technologies. People are more addicted to things done as fast as possible. So people are also working accordingly.

By Robson