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Your resume is a product that shows your employer the products you are selling to them. Your resumes shows’ your potential employers your work history, skills, and education back ground. In your resume, you should highlight why you are best worker, why you are the best candidate for the position, and why your skills are needed in that field. A well written resume will get you further ahead when you apply for a job. However, there are critical elements of a resume that you should always consider so that your resume is outstanding. These elements are;

Your personal contact information

Your resume should contain your personal contact information. Your name, phone number, email address, and a link to your online social media profile should never miss on your resume.  Your contact information should be at the top of a resume. This way your potential employer can easily contact you for an interview.

Your summary

The summary section of a resume samples should highlight the most and best important skills about you. You should briefly display your career wins. Do not write as a summary, rather it should be a headline outlining your credentials.

Your skills

Your resume should have a skill section just below your headline. You can display your skills by using column bulletins. Your skills show your potential employer that you are the ideal candidate they are looking for. You should indicate your soft skills or hard skills. In soft skills please explain why you are hardworking, a problem solver, and why you have great communication skills.  Your hard skills are applicable only when you are applying for technical jobs. You show your employers that you’ve got the hard skills required to do that job.

Your Professional experience

This is the most critical section of your resume samples. Your professional experience should focus more on your achievements. Highlight the achievements that will impact the company you want to work for. You should clearly showcase why out of all candidates that applied for the same job, why you are the right applicant for the job. Your resume should “sell “you to your employer through your achievements.

Your Education

Highlight down below your education background.  Outline if you’ve graduated or not. Let your potential employer know what college you studied, and if you passed with honors or not. Your education section is very important in a resume.

Other considerations

Your awards and certificates- you can mention your certificates and awards in your resume. You should just list awards that are impressive to your employer. Do not lie on your resume sample- you should never lie on anything in your resume. Your resume tone should be formal and not informal. It should also have no spelling mistakes and use of keywords should be a must. Your resume should be two pages or less than two. Do not go beyond two pages as your employer does not have time to go through all the pages.

By Robson