Live streaming now ranks as one of the top online side hustles. Many people who want to earn a few bucks or even thousands (if they properly do their streams) are flocking to live streaming. On this front, it’s gaming which dominates the numbers when it comes to live streaming. A glance at streamer Kaise’s streaming numbers and subscription base will prove this. For a more detailed analysis, you may record kaise broadcasts and evaluate the numbers up close.

To succeed in the gaming industry, you must gather the right streaming equipment. Amongst these is of course the desktop or laptop. If you have fat pockets, however, you can get a dedicated streaming PC. This is quite costly however so many people prefer going for the standard desktop. However, when it comes to the standard desktop, there are a few components you need to consider before making your purchase. All of these components are highlighted in this article. Just spare a few moments to check them out hence give yourself the guarantee that whatever game you want to play and stream you can do so with ease.


One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a gaming desktop is the CPU. For gaming and live streaming purposes, it’s essential to have a powerful CPU which can handle the encoding process as well as the game you intend to play. To ensure you stay on the safe side, always go for either AMD Ryzen or Intel Core CPUs.


Whenever the talk of live streaming and gaming springs up, one of the first things that’s talked about is the graphics card or the game graphics. the graphics card is the component which allows the visuals from the game to come out super smooth and eye-catching or blurry and unappealing. No one wants the latter hence all those who want super smooth and eye-catching graphics during their gaming and streaming sessions will need to go for desktops with a good graphics card. To ensure that you are on the safe side, it’s recommended to go for either AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs.


Different desktop computers come with different RAM sizes. Often, they start at 8 GB of RAM moving to 16, 32 and so on. When it comes to RAM, the best bet is to go for devices which have a lot of RAM. If you can get a 32GB of RAM over a 16GB of RAM, then you should go for that. The same is true for higher RAM sizes.

Internet Connection

Most desktops if not all do connect to the internet. However, slight differences may exist in how the connection ports are incorporated. Some have multiple Ethernet connection ports; some are heavily reliant on dial-up or WIFI connections. For streaming purposes, it’s recommended to go for desktops with multiple Ethernet connection ports as those connections guarantees super-fast, stable and reliable internet connectivity.

By Robson