Website creation and hosting is a tedious task. Apart from the creation of it, a host of other different decisions are to be made so as to reduce the risk of fraud and failure. These decisions are in the likes of – should one pay for the site or domain with a card or use a Bitcoin hosting service, which hosting server to use, the type of website to create and a lot more.

Choosing a hosting server

Web hosting has become quite important in recent types, with more and more businesses wanting a prominent and personalized online presence. This need is fulfilled by Reseller Hosting services.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller Web hosting enables a user to buy server space and some necessary hosting resources from the main hosting company, repackaging resources into smaller plans, and in reselling the plans to clients.

While deciding on which service to choose, which Operating System (OS) to use. Two most widely used OS are Windows and Linux.

Linux Reseller Hosting vs Windows Reseller Hosting-

  • In terms of budget, Linux being an open source platform, is a more affordable option than Windows.
  • Again for customization, Linux is the better option as it is an open source platform and thus provides better control.
  • The Windows Reseller Hosting in terms of .Net benefit is the better option.
  • In terms of stability both platforms provide good stability, however Linux is better due to its open source nature.
  • Linux is also better in terms of security.
  • Linux provides a better application installation compatibility as compared to Windows, due to its open source nature.

In a whole both platforms are good but Linux provides an overall better option. The choice is up to the user as per their preferences and requirements. The world around us has changed over the past few years as it is dominated by technology. Innovation has reached a whole new level as the concept of bitcoin and web hosting has consumed the corporate world. Get in touch with experts to avail more information about this topic.

By Robson