Editing a photo is not as difficult as it sounds. With straightforward changes and software like in https://iphotoalternative.com/, it is possible to bring a huge highlight to your clicks. Some adjustments can be modified even by Instagram itself or using specific applications for that.

Here are some essential tools to get you started, but the best way to learn is to venture through the editor. Take a photo and scale up and down functions to explore your purposes.

Image Crop

After shooting, the first step is to frame and center your image, make its proportions more symmetrical, and determine the photo’s aspect ratio (vertical or horizontal square). Always try to keep the essential parts straight and on the horizon.


Changes the lighting and brightness of the photo. It’s a great tool for dark photos. By increasing the exposure (in moderation), you can get more information and sharpness about the image. But be careful not to overdo it and end up causing a reverse effect.


Intensifies light and dark areas of the image; what is dark gets darker when you increase the contrast. A photo with ideal contrast conveys the idea of ​​a vivid, dramatized image with more demarcated edges, while one with lower contrast appears light, with smooth, grayish edges.


Measures color intensity. The higher the saturation, the more vibrant and warm colors, and the less they become flat and dull. The saturation ends up leaving the photos in black and white; reduce it as much as possible.

Color Control

Adjusting the colors of a photo helps make it look more realistic and beautiful, so the colors don’t steal focus and fight each other. There is no need to exaggerate; gradually adjust the color tones to reach the desired result.


As its name suggests, this is where you can sharpen the image to contrast the details and lines of the image. If well applied, they bring details that improve the photo. Usually, you increase it as little as possible to not cause an exaggerated and artificial effect.

App Tip

It’s hard to say which is THE BEST image editing app as it depends a lot on your phone model, your goal with that photo, and which one you will fit best.

By Robson