Photography is one of the most widely known hobbies and passion among the youth. In today’s modern world the technology has set up platforms with the help of which you can very easily create world-class photos in no time. The technology has reached that level where without actually having very best quality setups you can still click photos that match the world professional standards. There are also different forms of photography available as well. Like for example there is professional photography where you have different set up of everything. Then fir more amateur photographers you have another set up as well. Then for the simplest form of photography you have mobile photography as well.

Get the best photographic tips from online

The photographer community thus has become one of the most widely recognized ones. However no every photographer can reach the level of professionalism that is appreciated worldwide and this is the reason why many online websites and blogs help the young and new photographers by making them aware of certain things related to photography. Like for example photolemur has started their new blog where they put up different tips and articles regarding different types of photographic technologies, techniques, software and hardwares. This is to ensure that the new photographers first learn about photography as a proper art form and then only they move on to clicking a picture themselves. They have put up an article on their blog on photography tips which is now available at

Best places to get the top view of the city

On a different not if you live in New York City and want to click the best top view photos of the city then also you can take help from photolemur. Photolemur has made a list compromising of the best places from where you can get the best top view of the city and make sure you get the best photograph in the very first attempts. The article is now available on To know more visit the official page of photolemur at your earliest convenience.

By Robson